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We believe that God wants to restore your relationship with your loved one who is currently in prison. It is important not to wait until they are released to try to build a relationship. God instructed us to organize monthly bus runs to local Missouri prison so you spend time with your love one, get to know them again, and restore your relationship. if you are interested, please complete the contact  form at the bottom.


1. We have partnered with local ministries that will provide transportation to 'go visit'  friends & family in the Missouri prisons. That includes St. Louis and Kansas City areas.  Simply email us, please allow 3 to 5  business days for our team to get the referral to you.  We encourage you to reach out immediately to schedule a prison visit.

Email: govisit@blessedbehindbars.org

2.   Once you receive your referral, please reach out to the ministry to get general information and get any questions answered. Here are a few tips to have in place for the  prison visit.

3. Here are a few things you are responsible for: For example,

  • You must be on the visit list at the prison prior to the visit.
  • All visitors must have a valid identification
  • You must be dressed appropriately
  • Also, see the guidelines for the prison

Click below to locate your loved one!

Only basic information is needed such as first and last name...

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